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Palmistry is the art of understanding personality and predicting the future of an individual. If you are looking for Best Palmist near me then Jyotish Mart will provide you world class Palmist in near your home.

Though there is no shortcut for success however, palmistry helps in understanding the character and predict fortune. By reading the lines of the hands or palm, evaluating the size and shape of the hand, size of the finger, and flexibility of thumb palm reader understands the important aspects and interprets the character, health and wealth, career and marriage, traits and wisdom of an individual. To know more about Palmistry get in touch with one of the Best Palmist in Delhi, who can tell you detailed meaning of lines.

The origin of palmistry is rooted in Hindu astrology of India, Chinese Yijing and Roma fortune tellers. Palmistry spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and other European countries. In China, the first complete book was published during the Han Dynasty.

How is it done?

The reader evaluates a person’s character and predicts by reading the various lines like the heart line, life line, career line, money line, evaluating the bumps and shapes. The reader starts reading with the hand with which one writes or uses the most. The fingers, fingerprints, fingertips, skin pattern shape of palm are also read by the reader for predictions. The right hand represents the future and what one will grow up to and the left hand represents the past and traits one was born with. If you want know your future then contact to Best Pandit in Delhi NCR.

Reading the lines

There are a few major lines which are the Lifeline, Wisdom line, love line, fate line, money line, health line, and marriage line. These lines predict the direction of your life and other aspects.

Heart line:

Heart line represents love and attraction. This line is directly attached to our emotions and represents the matter of the heart. A person with a chained or gridded heart line is considered as an intensely creative artist, writer, musician and scientist. It also represents flirtatious and one who falls in love easily.

Wisdom Line:

This line represents how a person thinks, works, learning style, intellect, communication. This line basically represents a person mind.

Life Line:

This line represents general health and wellbeing. This line also represents major life changes, accidents and injuries. The length of life is also connected to this line

Fate Line:

This is the line of life path, school and college, career choice, success and obstacles. Know more about palmistry with the Best Astrologer in Noida and how it can change your life path.

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