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Jyotish mart
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Experience:25 years

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Consultation Fee:No

Address:Pratap Nagar Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091

Provide Pooja:No

Mode Of Payment:Cash

About The Astrologer

Palmistry is the art and science of self-discovery. Fundamental to Vedic palmistry is that as we continuously change and evolve, so do the hand lines on our palms. By studying both hands � the non-dom inant hand (past) and dominant hand (present) � we can recognize the traceable link between our past behavioral patterns and our present personality, thoughts and experiences. With this understanding, we can shape our future in a constructive, fulfilling way, making positive choices regarding our work, our dealings with people around us, and many other important aspects of life. Vedic palmistry known as Hast Jyotish traces its roots back to Vedic Astrology, its sister science.

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